4 Day Cyber Security Bootcamp for Youths

This is a 4-day enrichment program for youths between aged between 13-18 to raise awareness and generate interest in cyber security technologies.  It will be a fun and fast paced program where youths will learn about the latest network, linux, windows and web security technologies.  There will be lots of hands-on lab exercises so that youths do not just learn the theory but will also have practical experience to security tools and technologies.  It will start with 3 days of intensive training and end with an exciting Capture the Flag(CTF) Competition on the 4th day of class.  Besides the technology training, there will be 2 workshops by local entrepreneurs to expose the students to innovation and entrepreneurship in the cyber security space.



  • Introduction to cyber security trends and technologies
  • Ethical hacking, penetration testing process and methodologies
  • Linux Server Security and Hacking
  • Windows Server Security and Hacking
  • Websites and web application ethical hacking
  • Capture the Flag Class Competition on the last day


  1. Introduction to Cyber Security Trends and Technologies (Day 1 Part 1)
    1. Introduction to Cyber Security Trends
      1. Cyber Security Trends
      2. Threats, Vulnerabilities and Exploits
      3. Threat Actors
      4. Cyber Security Framework
    2. Ethical Hacking Process and Technologies
      1. Rules of engagements
      2. Process and methodologies


  1. Linux Server Security and Ethical Hacking (Day 1 Part 2)
    1. Orientation to Linux Command Line
      1. Navigating in Linux – listing files and folders, identifying the current directory and moving around, creating, moving and deleting files, piping
      2. Text editors and manipulating text – touch, nano, vi, tr, grep, regex, wc
      3. File permission and sudo – chmod
    2. Lab Exercises: Linux Security Tools and Tips
      1. Establishing connection – netcat
      2. SSH
      3. Hashing – md5sum, sha1sum


    1. Lab Exercises: Ethical Hacking Tool – Kali Linux Suite
      1. Brute force usernames and passwords – Hydra
      2. Payload sending – msfvenom
      3. Hacking using Metasploit – msfconsole
      4. Find publicly available exploit code – searchsploit


  1. Windows Server Security and Ethical Hacking (Day 2)
    1. Lab Exercises: Basic Windows Security Tips
      1. File permission
      2. Environmental Variables
      3. Windows Registry
      4. Identify hidden content on disk – Alternate data stream
      5. Task Scheduler


  1. Web Security and Ethical Hacking (Day 3)
    1. Recon and information gathering
      1. Introduction to server enumeration. Nikto and dirsearch
      2. Inspecting web traffic: Burp Suite
      3. Input injection (SQL, XSS)
    2. Lab Exercises: Generic command injection exploit
      1. Introduction on SQL injection – sqlmap.
      2. Introduction to XSS.


  1. Capture the Flag Competition (Day 4)
    1. Capture the flag briefing and rules
    2. Capture the flag Competition starts
    3. Debrief, Award Presentation and End


5 days, 9am – 5pm

Class Size: 8 – 20


Venue: JTC Launchpad near One-North MRT, Singapore


 List Price: S$650 per pax.

Matthias Chin, Director of BlockCyber, Founder and CEO of Banff Cyber, CCIE, CISSP, GWAPT, GCIH, GCFA, EMBA, Oxford Blockchain Strategy, Consensys Ethereum Developer Program

Lead Instructor:

Matthias is an experienced blockchain and security professional with >15 years of extensive experience in cyber security and blockchain technologies. He is a certified Internet Expert (CCIE), Security Professional(CISSP), Web Pentester (GWAPT), Incident Handler(GCIH) and Forensic Analyst(GCFA) and is trained under Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program and Consensys Ethereum Developer Program.

Matthias has worked in many companies including Cisco Systems, Pacific Internet, ST Electronics, Singapore Computer Systems.  He is currently the Founder and CEO of an upcoming security startup called Banff Cyber(BC) that focuses on web, logs and cloud security.  Their flagship product, WebOrion, has two patents and combines web protection, monitoring, restore and review into a single unique platform.  WebOrion is widely used by many companies such as government, enterprises and small businesses across Asia Pacific to fortify their websites.  In addition, Matthias is involved in various early stage blockchain and distributed ledger projects for fintech, government and cyber security companies.

B.Eng. (IEM)
CEH, Registered MOE Instructor

Lead Instructor:

Ding Jie(DJ) is passionate about imparting knowledge of technology to the masses.  He has teaching and technology industry experience from his time working overseas in Japan as a software engineer.  He is excited to bringing important computing and technology concepts down into bite-sized, digestible parts for everyone to understand and learn. He is also in to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies in his teaching.

Ding Jie is a registered MOE instructor, with a Bachelor in Engineering (Information Engineering and Media) from Nanyang Technological University.  Ding Jie is trained as a Consensys Etheruem Developer.