Fun with Drones and Drone Programming for Youths Aged 10-16

Fun with Drones and Drone Programming for Youths Aged 10-16 

Learning how to build and fly drones shouldn’t cost you a fortune if it’s done right. With strict regulations, we must allow learning to continue by creating a safe environment. The Tello Drone has made it easy and fast for beginners to pick up drone flying very quickly in an indoor environment. Students will also have fun learning how to code the control syntax.

The workshop will cover basic flight theory and hands on drone flying. We will also look at how we can apply programming to real world aerial robotics. As part of workshop, students will have to use python or scratch programming to complete a fun mission challenge!

Topics to be covered:

1.Basic Aeronautics
Flight Theory
Multicopper Theory

2.Radio Control
Setup & Safety
Control Modes
Control Mapping

3.Drone Flying & Safety
Practical Drone Flying
Flying Techniques
Flight Safety
Battery Safety
Singapore Regulations
Buying a Drone
Repairing a Drone safely

4.Drone Programming using Scratch & Python
Control with Scratch
Control with Python
Block based programming
Execution of Mission using Scratch

Course Schedule:

2 days, 6 hrs per day (with hourly breaks and lunch break)

Class Size: 10 – 20 (different teaching assistants will be available to help students in primary and secondary schools)

Venue: Common Ground (near Bedok MRT) Singapore


Next Class: 

Date: 17th March 2021

Timing: 9am – 12pm and 130pm – 430pm Daily

Format: Live In-Person

Drone Rental: Included, with 2-3 pax sharing a drone

List Price: S$250 per pax 

Flying a drone with your own programming code

Kanesh, Founder of Arrowdynamic Laboratories

BEng (Mechanical Engineering, NTU)

Lead Instructor:

We are excited to partner with Kanesh, the Founder of Arrowdynamics Laboratory for this wonderful course.  Kanesh has more than 10 years experience working with drones of various kind, planes, multicopper, helicopters and unconventional crafts. He is a former certified Aeromodelling instructor with the Youth Flying club offering training in several schools. Anticipating imminent technological pervasion, he also founded Arrowdynamic Laboratories Pte. Ltd. in 2013 where he continues to inspire hundreds of students and adults.He has won several prizes in the Aeromodelling field notably in the Singapore Amazing Flying Challenge. Kanesh was eventually also invited to be part of the judging panel.

Kanesh graduated with a Diploma in Aeronautical and Aerospace technology, Nanyang Polytechnic and went on to major in Mechanical Engineering in Nanyang Technological University. His interest was in developing an unmanned solar powered aircraft which he received distinction for his work. He was never a perfect student, but always a passionate one. He believes that everyday, we should make an effort to learn something new.

To date, Kanesh continues to work on  various engineering projects across different domains offering creative solutions, designs and prototypes. He is also a mentor to several students working on projects across various institutions.


Kanesh is also a cancer survivor and his fighting spirit is an inspiration to us all.  Learn more the Straits Time feature of his story here.

*please note that depending on schedule, actual class may be conducted by another qualified instructor