Youth Coding Course: Programming in Python for Ages 10-16

Youth Coding Course: Programming in Python for Ages 10-16


Python is one of the most popular programming language used in the real world for web applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence and many other applications.  This is a fun introduction to text-based programming using the Python language. The first few days focuses on the basics of the Python programming language, while the last day focuses on games programming with Pygame that also revises previous day concepts.

This class is ideal for secondary school students who want to have an exposure to the real world of coding and creating your own games!  Upper Primary School kids are welcome as well.   Certificates of Participation will be awarded for kids with >75% attendance.


  • Introduction to Python and the Command Line Interface
  • Printing and User Inputs
  • Variables and Numbers
  • User Inputs and Basic String Manipulation
  • Conditions, Loops and Functions
  • Lists and Dictionaries
  • Projects and Games: Pong, Breakout and Catching Falling Object


4 days, 3 hrs per day

Class Size: 10 – 30

Venue: Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, Singapore

 List Price: S$280-$300 per pax depending on schedule, class size, venue, etc.

B.Eng. (IEM)
CEH, Registered MOE Instructor

Lead Instructor:

Ding Jie(DJ) is passionate about imparting knowledge of technology to the masses.  He has teaching and technology industry experience from his time working overseas in Japan as a software engineer.  He is excited to bringing important computing and technology concepts down into bite-sized, digestible parts for everyone to understand and learn. He is also in to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies in his teaching.

Ding Jie is a registered MOE instructor, with a Bachelor in Engineering (Information Engineering and Media) from Nanyang Technological University.  Ding Jie is trained as a Consensys Etheruem Developer.