Introduction to Python Programming with CTF Challenge for Youths Aged 10-16

Youth Coding Course: Programming in Python for Ages 10-16 with CTF Challenge


Python is one of the most popular programming language used in the real world for web applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence and many other applications.  Many world famous websites are built on python, including Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, etc.

This is a fun introduction to text-based programming using the Python language over 4 sessions of 3 hours each.  Sessions 1 and 2 focus on the basics of computer coding and introduction to the Python programming environment.  Sessions 3 and 4 will cover simple algorithms, functions and some graphic effects.  We will end with building simple but fun games on the last day!

To make the whole learning experience fun, we will have games, quizzes and will end with a cyber-style, Capture-the-Flag (CTF) challenge on the last day!  The CTF is a live challenge with 8-15 python coding challenges from easy to difficult and encourages the students to reinforce and recap what they have learnt.  There will be a live scoreboard as they crack the challenges and the top 3 winners will get a mini prize!

This class is ideal for secondary school students who want to have an exposure to the real world of coding and creating your own games!  Upper Primary School kids with good foundations to programming knowledge (eg. Intermediate Scratch) are also welcome.   Certificates of Participation will be awarded to everyone with >75% attendance.

Sessions 1 and 2

  1. Learning to be a Coder
    • How Computer Programs Work
    • Thinking like a Computer
    • Many Types of Programming Languages
    • Introduction to Python
    • Setting up Python Environment
    • Hello World in Python
    • Syntax and Errors
    • Code and Shell Windows
  1. Fun Facts and Knowledge about Computers
    • Hardware: Processor, Memory, Input and Output and Storage
    • Files and File Structures
    • Processors and Memory
    • Bits and Bytes
    • Binary, decimal and hexadecimal counting
  1. Python Basics
    • Program Flow
    • Simple Math Calculations
    • Variables
    • Data Types: Numbers
    • Data Types: Strings
    • Data Types: Booleans
    • User Inputs and Outputs
  1. More Fun With Python
    • Logical Operators
    • Number Comparisons
    • String Comparisons
    • Branching and If-Else conditions
    • Doing things again and again: For Loops
    • While Loops and Escaping Loops
  1. Basic Data Structures and Functions
    • Lists
    • Functions
    • Types of Bugs and Troubleshooting
  1. Building simple games: The Joker Game and Funny sentences


Sessions 3 and 4

  1. Python Functions and Algorithms
    • Recap of Python Functions
    • Global and local variables
    • Algorithms and basic sort functions
    • Libraries and imports
  2. Graphics Fun  in Python
    • Creating a User Interface Windows using Tkinter
    • Colours
    • Co-ordinates
    • Shapes and Moving shapes
  3. Capture-the-flag challenge
    • Live challenge of 8-15 python coding questions to crack
    • Ranges from easy, intermediate to difficult
    • Online scoreboard to show live progress
  4. Conclusion
    • Results and Recap of CTF Challenge
    • Recap of Python Learning Journey
    • Tips for future learning

Course Schedule:

2 days, 6 hrs per day (with hourly breaks and lunch break)

Class Size: 4 – 20 (different teaching assistants will be available to help students in primary and secondary schools)

Venue: Common Ground(near Bedok MRT) Singapore*


Next Class: 

Date: 29th-30th November 2021

Timing: 9am – 12pm and 130pm – 430pm Daily

Format: Virtual (Zoom)

List Price: S$380 per pax 

Matthias Chin, Founder of BlockCyber and Cloudsine

CCIE, CISSP, GWAPT, GCIH, GCFA, EMBA, Oxford Blockchain Strategy, Consensys Ethereum Developer Program

Lead Curriculum Instructor:

Matthias is an experienced IT professional with >15 years of extensive experience in internet, cyber security, blockchain, cloud and artificial intelligence.  He is a certified Internet Expert (CCIE), Security Professional(CISSP), Web Pentester (GWAPT), Incident Handler(GCIH) and Forensic Analyst(GCFA) and is trained under Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program and Consensys Ethereum Developer Program, and Deeplearning’s AI program.

Matthias has worked in many companies including Cisco Systems, Pacific Internet, ST Electronics, Singapore Computer Systems.  He is currently the Founder of Blockcyber and Cloudsine.  Cloudsine’s home-made flagship product, WebOrion, has two patents and combines web protection, monitoring, restore and review into a single unique platform.  WebOrion is widely used by many companies such as government, enterprises and small businesses across Asia Pacific to fortify their websites.

Matthias had a Sembcorp scholarship and graduated with near the top of his cohort with a Dean’s List from University of Toronto in Applied Science and Electrical Engineering.

*please note that depending on schedule, actual class may be conducted by another qualified instructor