Cybersecurity Skills Bootcamp II for Youths Aged 13-16

Cyber II: 2 Day Cybersecurity Skills Bootcamp II for Youths Aged 13 – 16

This is Part 2 of our hands-on cyber skills bootcamp for youths between 13 to 16 years old to pick up real world cyber skills and to promote their interest in cyber security technologies. Through this intensive intermediate program, youths will learn about computer networking, encryption techniques and basic cyber defence skills. Youths will be taught through extensive hands-on lab sessions where they are brought through the application of technologies taught. At the end of the program, youths will also get an opportunity to participate in a gamified style Capture the Flag (CTF) competition, where they are expected to apply all skills learnt to defend their system.

This class is ideal for secondary school youths who are passionate to learn deep cyber skills and/or considering studying IT or Information Security/Cyber Security in Polytechnics. All participants will be awarded Certificates of Participation.


1. Cyber Networking Fundamentals (Day 1 Part 1)

  1. Recap of Cyber 1
    • Recap Linux Command Line (Cyber 1)
  2. Networking Fundamentals
    • Recap Linux Command Line (Cyber 1)
    • Understanding and applying different number systems in computing
    • Understanding and appreciating various network architecture, standards and protocols
    • Understanding different network components and its functions
    • Understanding different network topologies and their relevant applications
    • Appreciate and understand network addressing
    • Lab Exercise: Building a basic Linux based virtual network complete with servers and clients, ensuring that information can be accessed within the network

2. Basic Cryptography and Encoding Concepts  (Day 1 Part 2)

  1. Basic Cryptography
    • Appreciating the principles of cryptography
    • Appreciating and applying classical cryptographic ciphers
    • Understanding the 3 broad modern cryptographic methods
    • Appreciating the current trust models used in cryptography
    • Briefly understand modern cryptographic algorithms
    • Lab Exercise: Appreciating and applying the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program
    • Lab Exercise: Appreciating and applying cryptographic hash functions
    • Lab Exercise: Appreciating and applying encoding techniques

3. Understanding of Attacker Techniques and Windows Security (Day 2 Part 1)

  1. Recap of Cyber 1
    • Recap using Metasploit and exploitation techniques
  2. Basic Post Exploitation Techniques
    • Lab Exercise: Appreciate and understand the purpose and technique of persistent access
    • Appreciate and understand the purpose and technique of lateral movement
  3. Basic Windows Server Deployment & Management
    • Lab Exercise: Understanding virtualisation of Windows
    • Lab Exercise: Understanding basic Windows tools
    • Lab Exercise: Building a basic Windows based virtual network complete with servers and clients

4. Cyber Incidents: Basic Investigative and Response Skills (Day 2 Part 2)

  1. Basic Investigative and Incident Response Skills
    • Lab Exercise: Understanding the basics of Windows Sysinternal suite
    • Lab Exercise: Appreciate the identification of indicators of compromise in computer systems
    • Lab Exercise: Understand the root cause of compromises and how to remediate them
  2. CTF Challenge
    • Participants are given a file with data
    • Participants are given 2 hours to create and setup their own Windows based server
    • Participants must use the skills learnt over the two days to secure the file within their networks
    • Participants will be paired up to engage in mini CTF challenge where they are expected to try to gain access to the other’s secured files while defending their own server
    • The Participant with the greatest number of claimed flags wins the challenge


2 days, 9am – 430pm

Class Size: 10 – 20

Venue: Common Ground (near Bedok MRT) Singapore

 List Price: S$470 per pax depending on schedule, class size, venue, etc.

Next Class: 

Date: 23rd-24th June 2021

Timing: 9am – 12pm and 130pm – 430pm Daily

Format: Live In-Person

Lead Instructor:

Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS), a non-profit organisation in Singapore focused on developing Singapore’s digital future. The organisation is supported by the National Youth Council (NYC) and the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). Ben is recognised by CSA as one of the champions for the national SG Cyber Talent initiative. Ben is also the recipient of the Singapore Computer Society’s IT Youth of the Year Award 2020, he is recognised through the award, for his outstanding contributions to the technology industry. Ben has extensive experience in youth engagement and interaction, serving as the leader for a community of over 1000 youths in CYS. He was previously a lecturer and a panelist for CSA’s Youth Cyber Exploration Programme in 2019, serving as a mentor for over 200 youths. He is also certified as an Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) and Organizational Systems Security Analyst (OSSA) by Palo Alto and ThinkSECURE. He graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management with Applied Psychology in 2020.

On top of just skill development, participants in Ben’s class can look forward to a personal mentorship experience, where he will guide participants on their exploration journey for a future in tech. Participants looking to attempt the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) for advanced placements in polytechnics can also seek extensive advice and guidance from Ben. Ben believes in learning through having fun, his classes are interactive and are extremely high touch. He ensures that his students complete the course with not only skills learnt but also equipped with the tools to safely and responsibly continue their exploration beyond the course.

Find out more about Ben and his work here, here, here, here and here.