Intro to Scratch for Kids Aged 7-12

Introduction to Scratch Programming for Kids Aged 7-12  



A fun introductory course for beginners (ages 7 to 12) to learn programming concepts through the visual programming platform Scratch. Concepts are introduced from the ground up, and exercises are designed to revise and build upon concepts in a gradual manner. There will be logic, graphic and audio components to make the learning experience fruitful. Students will also get to create a few fun games such as Flappy Bird Clone, Racing, Maze to top up the fun experience!

This class is ideal for primary school kids who want to have a non-intimidating first exposure to the world of coding and creating your own games!  Certificates of Participation will be awarded for kids with >75% attendance.


  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Loops, Repetitions and Keyboard Events
  • Booleans, Variables and Conditions
  • Drawing and Positioning
  • Cloning
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Graphics
  • Sound and Music
  • Projects: Interactive Story, Flappy Bird, Maze Gam


4 days, 3 hrs per day

Class Size: 10 – 30

Venue: Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, Singapore*

(During covid period, classes will be held online)

 List Price: S$350-$380 per pax depending on schedule, class size, venue, etc.

B.Eng. (NTU), Registered MOE Instructor

Lead Instructor: Fritz Lim

With more than 10 years of experience teaching at a local polytechnic, Fritz continues to be passionate about imparting knowledge to teens and children. He hopes that many of the younger generation will be exposed to coding, so that that they can harness and invent the technologies of their future.

He is excited about exploring anything related to computers and IT, with a keen interest in native cross-platform mobile app development so that our ubiquitous mobile phones can be conveniently used to control and interact with electronic devices wirelessly and over the Internet.

Fritz is a registered MOE instructor, with a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Computer Specialisation) from Nanyang Technological University.