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SANS Cyber Security Training

SANS Cyber Security Training

SANS is the most trusted and the largest source for cyber security training in the world. Our courses are developed by industry leaders in numerous fields including penetration testing, network security, forensics, audit, security leadership, and application security.  Courses are taught by real-world practitioners who are the best at ensuring you not only learn the material, but that you can apply it immediately when you return to the office. 

1 Day Blockchain Innovation | Business Executives

Blockchain Innovation | Business Executives

This is a 1-day intensive blockchain course for mid to senior enterprise business executives to understand blockchain technologies and the potential for innovation.  Participants will be exposed to the underlying blockchain technologies including distributed ledgers, wallets, consensus algorithms, smart contracts and private/ public blockchains. The course will have interesting hands-on exercises with practical knowledge of how blockchain works. 

2 Day Blockchain Bootcamp For Technology Managers

Blockchain Bootcamp For Tech Managers

This is a 2-day intensive blockchain course for enterprise IT and security managers to understand more about blockchain technologies and the potential for innovation. Participants will be grounded in the underlying blockchain technologies including distributed ledgers, digital wallets, consensus algorithms, some major security considerations for blockchain, smart contracts and private/ public blockchains.

Cyber Security Bootcamp for Youths

This is a 3-day enrichment program for youths between aged between 13-18 to raise awareness and generate interest in cyber security technologies. It will be a fun and fast paced program where youths will learn about the latest network, linux, windows and web security technologies. There will be lots of hands-on lab exercises so that youths do not just learn the theory but will also have practical experience to security tools and technologies. 

The BlockCyber team has been a trustworthy and reliable business partner to SANS since 2013 and they have been instrumental in helping us grow our footprint in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region more broadly. We greatly value working with them as they bring honesty, sincerity and a strong work ethic to all the projects and events we collaborated together on.”

Suresh Mustapha, Managing Director, SANS Asia Pacific


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