Coding for Kids and Youth

Covid-19 has changed and disrupted many parts of our lives.  Working and studying from home is becoming more prevalent and will become an essential part of our work/study lives, even in a post-pandemic era.  Digital technologies such as email, video conferencing, chats, etc are becoming more and more important in the real world.  People who are familiar or good in digital skills such as coding, AI, cyber security, etc are in great demand as jobs and industries evolve.

According to various sources, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, learnt coding between the ages of 8-10.  Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, first coded a Commodore VIC-20 at age 10.  There are many examples of top innovators and entrepreneurs in the modern era that started coding from young.

At Blockcyber, we believe in enriching and empowering people in good digital skills from a young age.  Besides the traditional English, Maths, Science, etc subjects taught in schools, we believe that kids and youths can also pick up the new digital ABCDs.

The New Digital ABCDs

Artificial Intelligence

Siri, Alexa, Google, and Autonomous Vehicles.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is everywhere around us now and the future will have more and more AI.  Even a mundane home iron has AI now, to recognise the type of fabric to iron on.

Artificial Intelligence


Blockchain technologies started with Bitcoin and has disruptive effects on fintech, payment and many other systems.  Our kids/youths will grow up in a different world where digital banks operate 24×7 and cashless payment across borders will be the norm.  Blockchain is a key component of many of such technologies.


Coding / Cyber / Cloud

For kids and youths to start on the digital journey, basic understanding and appreciation of coding and how computers work is a crucial building block. From there, they can pick up intermediate coding skills, cyber security skills or experiment with cloud technologies from AWS, Azure, Google of Aliyun.


Data Analytics

Data is the new gold and those who are able to extract and analyze data well will have a competitive edge in the future.

Data Analytics

For these and many other reasons, learning the new digital ABCDs will put anyone in a good stead for the future.  For our kids and youths in school, they may not become immediate experts in the Digital ABCDs.  However, it is important they get early exposure and understanding at an early age.  It is no different from learning a new language such as Spanish, French or Japanese. It is always good to start young.

At Blockcyber, we tackle the challenge of translating many of these seemingly deep technical knowledge into contents that kids at a young age can understand and have fun.  As Albert Einstein says, if you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you probably don’t understand it yourself.

Unlike mature subjects like Maths, Science, or English, there is often no official or standard curriculum for digital subjects. As such, based on our experience in digital knowledge and teaching youths/kids from different countries and age groups, we have developed clear learning paths and curriculum so that kids and youths can learn in a structured and consistent manner.  There are many ways and many paths to learn, but we believe that any kid/youth that follows our Learning Paths will benefit greatly and have a great foundation to digital skills.  Check out the Learning Paths below and enjoy the Learning with us!

Recommended Learning Paths

Upcoming Bootcamps for Mar 2021

No.DateTimeClassAge GroupVenue / Platform
129-30 Nov 2021930am - 430pmIntro to Programming in Python with CTF Challenge for Youths10-16 years oldZoom / Virtual
21-2 Dec 2021930am - 430pmCybersecurity Skills Bootcamp I for Youths13-16 years oldZoom / Virtual
36-7 Dec 2021930am - 430pmProgramming in Python II with CTF Challenge for Youths10-16 years oldCommon Ground Civic Centre / Physical