Cyberskills Explorer Workshop for Juniors Aged 10-12

2 Day Junior Cybersecurity Skills Workshop for Ages 10-12 with Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition (New!)

This is a 2-day enrichment program for juniors aged between 10-12 to generate interest in cyber security technologies.  It will be a fun and fast paced program where juniors will learn the intricacies of various cyber security technologies such as cryptography, detection of virus/malware and phishing attacks.

The highlights of the course include building a simple cryptographic machine that they can take home. In addition, they will be exposed to an exciting mini-Capture the Flag competition at the end of the second day.

Note that this course is very different from a typical Cyber Wellness workshop as our emphasis is on deeper technical knowledge and skills.  The class is ideal for Primary School Students from Primary 4-6.

All participants will be awarded Certificates of Participation.  In addition, Certificates of Excellence and medals will be awarded to those who performed well in the CTF.


  • Cyber Safety and Threats and Vulnerabilities in the Cyber World
  • User Authentication and Password Security
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Project- Build Your Own Physical Cryptographic Machine!
  • Dangers of Virus, Malware and Ransomware
  • Tricks to Identify Phishing Email
  • Mini-Capture the Flag (CTF)  Competition


DAY 1 

 1. Safety and Threats and Vulnerabilities in Cyber World

  • Cyber Security Trends
  • Threat actors
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Cyber safety tips

 2. User and Password Security

  • User and Administrator Roles in Windows machines
  • Password security
  • Demo on security tool to test password strength

3. Introduction to Cryptographic Technology

  • Basics of Binary, Encoding and Hashing
  • Cryptography and Keys

End of Day Project- Build Your Own Cryptographic Machine to Take Home!


4. Dangers of Virus and Malware

  • Why Virus and Malware are dangerous to your computers
  • How to detect and prevent them

5. Tricks with Phishing Email

  • Why bad guys use baits
  • Checking and detecting phishing emails

6. Mini Capture-the-Flag Competition (CTF)

  • 1 hour exciting CTF at the end of Day 2
  • Crack challenges related to passwords, cryptography and general cyber security topics
  • Medals will be awarded to Top 3 participants


2 days, 3 hours per day

Class Size: 10 – 20

Venue: Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, Singapore

 List Price: S$330 per pax depending on schedule, class size, venue, etc.

Matthias Chin, Director of BlockCyber, Founder and CEO of Cloudsine, CCIE, CISSP, GWAPT, GCIH, GCFA, EMBA, Oxford Blockchain Strategy, Consensys Ethereum Developer Program

Lead Instructor:

Matthias is a Cyber Security Expert with >15 years of extensive experience in cyber security, internet and blockchain technologies. He is a certified Internet Expert (CCIE), Security Professional(CISSP), Web Pentester (GWAPT), Incident Handler(GCIH) and Forensic Analyst(GCFA) and is trained under Oxford Blockchain Strategy Program and Consensys Ethereum Developer Program.

Matthias has worked as a technology consultant and architect in many companies including Cisco Systems, Pacific Internet, ST Electronics, Singapore Computer Systems.  He is currently the Director of Blockcyber and also the Founder of Cloudsine that provides cloud and cyber security solutions to many large enterprises across Asia Pacific.  Their flagship product, WebOrion, has two patents and combines web protection, monitoring, restore and review into a single unique platform.  WebOrion is widely used by many companies such as government, enterprises and small businesses across Asia Pacific to fortify their websites.  In addition, Matthias is involved in various early stage blockchain and distributed ledger projects for fintech, government and cyber security companies.

B.Eng. (IEM)
CEH, Registered MOE Instructor

Lead Instructor:

Ding Jie(DJ) is passionate about imparting knowledge of technology to the masses.  He has teaching and technology industry experience from his time working overseas in Japan as a software engineer.  He is excited to bringing important computing and technology concepts down into bite-sized, digestible parts for everyone to understand and learn. He is also in to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies in his teaching.

Ding Jie is a registered MOE instructor, with a Bachelor in Engineering (Information Engineering and Media) from Nanyang Technological University.  Ding Jie is trained as a Consensys Etheruem Developer.